Nick Young Had The Perfect Response For How He Fits Into The Warriors ‘Splash Family’

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When the Golden State Warriors signed Nick Young in free agency this summer, the entertainment factor for the best team in basketball was already off the charts. But with Swaggy P reunited with former teammate JaVale McGee, the potential for foolishness launched into the stratosphere.

When he’s not taking JaVale’s new vegan diet for a test-drive, he’s preparing himself to assume the role of the Warrior’s crunch-time savior, whether they like it or not.

Young gave us a glimpse of what he’s capable of within Golden State’s system when he drained six three-pointers in his regular-season debut against the Rockets, which begged the question: if Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are the Splash Brothers, what member of the nuclear family unit does that make Swaggy P in the overall “Splash Family?”

Thankfully, Rachel Nichols asked the man himself Wednesday on “The Jump,” and his answer didn’t disappoint.

“I’m, like, the Splash Brother that just got out of the pen,” Young said. “I just got out of Riker’s Island, but I taught them the way, you know. I had to pave the way for them.”

That’s pretty much the best explanation we could’ve asked for, although I’m lobbying hard for “Splashy P” as far as the nickname itself is concerned. Young is the perfect fit for the Warriors in terms of his audacity for launching shots early and often and from just about anywhere on the court, so we’ll see just how well that pans out over the course of a season and presumably long playoff run.