No One Is Happy About Nike’s Decision To Forgo NBA Christmas Day Jerseys

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The biggest day of the NBA’s regular season is here, as the New York Knicks and Philadelphia 76ers kicked off a loaded hoops slate Christmas Day. But from the start of Monday’s game at Madison Square Garden, fans were left scratching their heads, and neither the Knicks nor the Sixers were wearing special uniforms.

For whatever reason, Nike decided to punt on making Christmas Day jerseys. This was one of the things adidas did really well when it was in charge of the NBA’s unis — they weren’t always the prettiest threads on earth, but they were a cool and unique thing that we saw every year on Dec. 25.

But this year, Nike has decided to go in a different direction. The Sixers are wearing their red Statement jerseys, while the Knicks are in their classic white threads. It is a nice look for both squads, but it’s not, you know, a symbol of Christmas Day.

Some, like ESPN’s Darren Rovell, think this is the latest error in Nike’s approach to being the NBA’s official uniform provider.

Most, though, are just upset that Nike decided against going with “tradition” and making Christmas jerseys.

And if you want Christmas threads and want to remain optimistic, I have some bad news: Nike has confirmed that there won’t be anything coming down the pipeline this season.

Oh well, I suppose there’s always next year.