Nikola Jokic Acting In A Commercial With The Minions Is A Delight

The NBA Playoffs got underway on Saturday, which brought a return of playoff basketball to our lives on TV. It also meant the launch of a number of new ad campaigns, as the added eyeballs on games mean the league and network partners all want to debut new spots (that we will see over and over in the coming months).

There’s almost always some movie crossover promos in the playoffs, particularly since the networks that broadcast the games are owned by Disney and Warner Bros. These can range from “very funny” to “extremely cringey,” depending on how natural the fit is, and luckily the first we’ve seen this postseason falls into the former category.

Nikola Jokic has a new teaser spot for Despicable Me 4, as he pokes fun at how his suit and turtleneck outfit earlier this year led to a lot of people pointing out he looks like Gru. His issue isn’t the jokes about looking like Gru, but then reveals that the Minions won’t stop following around calling him “boss.”

I have enjoyed this year of Jokic commercials, because he seems to only do ads that he finds fun. Whether that’s doing a bit with the Minions or walking a pony around a hotel, he’s let his goofy side shine a bit this year as he’s finally stepped into the spotlight a bit more after winning a title.