Watch Villanova’s Insane Three That Won The NCAA Championship Game

For the second time in school history, Villanova has won the NCAA Tournament. The Wildcats won the title on this insane three by Kris Jenkins to give the school its first championship since 1985.

This is an obvious knee-jerk reaction, but it’s hard to imagine that there has ever been a better national title than this one. At the very least, this is unquestionably the best ending of all time, as the Wildcats came out on top, 77-74.

The final few seconds were completely insane. First, North Carolina was down by three and looked like it wasn’t going to get a good shot off. But Marcus Paige, the Tar Heels’ star senior guard, somehow contorted his body and managed to hit the biggest three of his life. It looked impossible, but Paige came up huge for UNC to tie the game at 74.

The Wildcats called a time out, managed to push the ball up the floor, and Jenkins got a really good look from downtown that he absolutely drilled. He can play basketball for the rest of his life, but odds are that he will never hit a bigger shot.

Because things like this are always spectacular, here’s how the final play sounded on Villanova’s teamstream on truTV.

And here’s the shot from the sideline, one that lets you follow the flight of the ball as it went through the hoop.

Celebrate it, Wildcats. And if you are a ‘Nova fan who runs into Jenkins at a bar between now and the day he dies, make sure you buy that dude a beer.

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