Russell Westbrook Wasn’t Happy With Reggie Jackson’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Postgame Celebration

Reggie Jackson used to be Russell Westbrook’s backup with the Thunder, but his tenure with Oklahoma didn’t go well at the end, with freeze outs and pettiness ruling the day. Now, after expressing a desire to run his own team, Jackson, one of 2015-16’s breakout stars, is carrying a Pistons squad of his own.

Tuesday night, he led Detroit to an 88-82 win over his former Thunder, who were missing Kevin Durant. So, Jackson got pumped. Really pumped.

Westbrook, judging from body language, didn’t approve:

But this isn’t just about the picture or armchair psychology or conspicuously trying to interpret shaded body language. Let’s allow Westbrook to express for himself exactly what he thought of Jackson’s postgame celebration.

Via ESPN’s Royce Young:

“Yeah, I did actually,” Westbrook said when asked if he disapproved. “Honestly, I think that was some real bulls—. I don’t appreciate it for our team and our organization. I don’t like it at all. But it is what it is. We’ll see him down the line. We’ll take care of that when we get there.”

Westbrook wasn’t the only one. Thunder center Steven Adams chimed in a bit, as well.

After Jackson galloped up the sideline, yelling to the crowd and staring down the Thunder bench following a game-icing rebound from Pistons big man Aron Baynes, Adams had a talk with his former teammate.

More from ESPN:

“Just surprised, really,” Adams said. “Says a lot about him.”

“Keep it up here, though,” Adams said, pointing to his head, “for next time.”

Jackson, who finished the game with 13 points on 4-of-15 shooting and six assists, downplayed the incident.

“He just said a few words,” Jackson said of his conversation with Adams. “He said a few words, I said a few words.”

Before you admonish Reggie, like we noted in the opening, keep this story in mind, too, from when he was still on the Thunder:

Unfortunately, the Pistons and Thunder do not play again this season — unless the Pistons make the playoffs and they meet in the NBA Finals.