The Oklahoma City Thunder Should Seriously Consider Using This Rebranded Logo

03.09.16 3 years ago 7 Comments
Oklahoma City Thunder v Washington Wizards

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The Oklahoma City Thunder have never struggled with a team identity. Since the franchise left Seattle, they’ve been known as the team with former MVP Kevin Durant and ferocious point guard, Russell Westbrook. These two All-Stars have helped shape what Oklahoma City basketball is, but does their logo do them justice?

Graphic Designer Brandon Moore has created a new concept that makes us think they should absolutely hire him to give the team’s sad-sack logo a serious makeover. The Thunder logo is simply not up to par. Moore is more succinct in his aversion to their current logo.

“In their attempt to avoid what they might consider cliche, [they’ve] ended up with a meaningless collage of contrived graphic elements,” he writes.

“Even with the team’s success on the court,” the designer adds, “it has been very hard for the fanbase to build an emotional connection to the logo and therefore the team itself. The logo is also likely losing the team money in potential merchandise sales.”

Regardless of the pecuniary disadvantage, fans pretty universally loath the current logo. According to Brandon, fans say it reminds them of Doritos, not basketball.

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