Patrick Beverley Had Way Too Much Fun Annoying Lonzo Ball During His NBA Debut

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10.19.17 5 Comments

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Right at the start of Thursday night’s Clippers-Lakers game at the Staples Center, we got this tweet from Stephen A. Smith. It featured Smith’s version of what he thought we could expect from Clippers guard Patrick Beverley on the evening. Sure, it was funny and got ridiculed, but if you know anything about Beverley’s style of play, it makes perfect sense.

Beverley is the most annoying basketball player in the NBA. This sounds like a slight against him, but it’s meant as a compliment and Beverley would take it as such. He relishes the opportunity to lock a guy down on defense and, if he’s lucky, get in their head.

So obviously, he was going to try and make Ball’s NBA debut hell. During the first quarter, Beverley absolutely hounded Ball, and as it turns out, that was a smart move. Ball was trying to tuck his jersey into his shirt before the ball was inbounded, so Beverley saw a window of opportunity. He took it.

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