Patrick Beverley’s Funny Rejoinder When Vince Carter Tells Him To Chill

10.10.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Confession time: we love Patrick Beverley. The guy plays so freakin’ hard and makes it so difficult for opposing ball handlers to get comfortable, there just aren’t many like him in the NBA.* Except, he has a tendency to rub some players the wrong way, and Vince Carter told him to chill last night after Beverley celebrated drawing an offensive foul. Beverley’s response was just about perfect, though.

Here’s Beverley hounding Beno Udrih before crashing into a Jon Leuer screen near the three-point line and drawing the offensive foul. You can clearly see him pump his fist he’s so amped up by the call.

Here’s another look — including Beverley turning his head in the direction of the Grizzlies bench…

That’s because Vinsanity wants him to chill. It is, after all, a preseason game. Beverley explains his rationale for the celebration, by way of Houston Chronicle scribe Jonathan Feigen:

It should be noted, the former backup — who supplanted Jeremy Lin in the Rockets starting lineup last season — absolutely destroyed Jrue Holiday in a preseason game last October, so his dedication, regardless of the time of year, isn’t something new.

After the quip to Carter, Beverley just keeps going, too.

Hopefully for Rockets fans, Beverley’s defensive doggedness continues to rub off on his teammates, including a certain star who has struggled on the defensive end of the court.

*Tony Allen and Avery Bradley are the only other two who come to mind right now, but we’re sure there are a few others.

Who are the best on-ball defenders in the NBA today?

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