Golden State’s Patrick McCaw Got Carted Off After Landing Hard On His Back

Via NBCSKings

A scary scene occurred on Saturday night during Golden State’s game against Sacramento. Late in the third quarter, Warriors guard Patrick McCaw saw the opportunity to go up for a layup. He made contact with Kings guard Vince Carter, which altered McCaw’s path back to the ground and led to him landing hard on his back.

McCaw writhed on the floor in pain, while Carter appeared to be overwhelmed by guilt over what just happened. Here is a video of the incident, with the warning that it is really hard to watch.

You can see that Steve Kerr says he’s mad at Carter for the incident, saying that the veteran “knows better.” It’s hard to say that Carter was being intentional, though, as it really seemed like he felt terrible. Carter stood near McCaw as he was being put on a stretcher and got consoled by Kerr and Kevin Durant.

Eventually, McCaw was put on a stretcher and brought into the back. As he was being taken off the court, players for both teams came together for a moment of prayer.

Steph Curry, who is still out while dealing with a knee injury, tweeted out his support and asked for prayers for his teammate. The Warriors, meanwhile, tweeted out that McCaw will be taken to a local hospital.

This is such a sad situation, and hopefully McCaw is able to recover form it and come back without any major issues. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.