The Spurs Are One Of Three New Teams Interested In Trading For Paul George

06.22.17 10 months ago

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The Los Angeles Lakers have yet to offer enough to get Paul George away from the Indiana Pacers. And no one seems to want Kevin Love from the Cleveland Cavaliers. But as the NBA Draft nears a trio of new teams are now on the radar with interest in acquiring George.

Minnesota, San Antonio, and the Portland Trail Blazers all appear to have significant interest in Paul George, though some reports indicate the teams are exploring other acquisitions such as Jimmy Butler, who has also been the subject of many pre-draft rumors.

Unfortunately for the Blazers, the initial reports of their first offer for George were not positive.

That seems very much like a “new phone who dis?” kind of response to leak to the press. If Portland is indeed out of the race already, it’s between a Spurs that’s suddenly very aggressive in the acquisitions market and a Timberwolves team that’s reportedly interested in both Butler and George.

The Spurs are another team reportedly interested in getting George as well.

And they will have a bit more cap room to play with this summer because Pau Gasol reportedly declined his player option and intends to sign on at a reduced rate.

Early speculation was that it was in an attempt to lure Chris Paul away from the Clippers, but George is another NBA star that wants to win now. San Antonio has plenty to offer in that regard, and it starts with Kawhi Leonard.

But trading for George is just the latest in a series of rumors that all involve San Antonio’s offseason plans. With reports of interest in trading Danny Green and even trading LaMarcus Aldridge in order to get into the Top 10 of the draft on Thursday, it seems pretty clear that the Spurs are entertaining all options in order to compete with the Golden State Warriors next season.

Making a few of these moves could make the Spurs a “super team,” but it’s clear there’s a lot to discuss before any of these moves are made.

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