The Suns Are Reportedly Interested In Luke Walton If He’s Available This Summer

03.15.19 2 months ago

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The Lakers’ season has fallen into disarray following the trade deadline, with the team slated to miss the postseason for the sixth year in a row. It will likewise be the first time LeBron hasn’t qualified for the playoffs since his sophomore season, an outcome that will assuredly have wide-ranging implications for everyone involved in the organization.

A personnel shakeup is a certainty as the team will look to upgrade a roster that has been dotted with players who are either under-achieving or well past their prime, but they won’t be the only ones in the hot seat when the front office starts conducting their performance evaluations.

That will surely spell trouble for Luke Walton, who was hired prior to both LeBron’s arrival and Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka’s ascension to the top executive roles. But if he does get the ax, he may not be out of a job for long, as the Phoenix Suns are rumored to have set their sights on him should he become available this season and they opt to make a coaching change of their own.

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