The Suns Wished The Unhappy Markieff Morris A Happy Birthday On Twitter

If you need any sort of background information on the Markieff Morris-Phoenix Suns trade standoff, we have you covered. But here are the CliffsNotes: Morris wants to be traded, and has been absent during unofficial team workouts, but the team’s front office has been less than willing to oblige his request. Morris’ twin brother, Marcus, has already been traded to the Detroit Pistons. The two have been practically inseparable since their prep school days, and the result of the trade has apparently worn on Markieff.

Despite all the awkwardness, the Suns still wished Morris a happy birthday on their official Twitter account:

It might not be a big deal, but it could also be a bigger deal if the organization began acting like Morris didn’t exist – even if he’s choosing not to exist in workouts in the offseason. What sort of conclusion these two reach remains to be seen, but this is the kind of birthday wish someone wishes their ex on Facebook.

No, Morris and Phoenix haven’t broken up yet, but it certainly feels like they’re on a break – and headed for a permanent separation.

(Via Phoenix Suns)