Photo: 7-9 Chinese Basketball Player Makes The Rock Look Like A Child

10.24.14 5 years ago

So this is what a 7-9, 370-pound human being looks like. Except even bigger normally, actually, because Sun Ming Ming of the CBA’s Beijing Ducks is standing next to 6-5 behemoth Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Here’s a photo of Johnson with 6-6 Charles Barkley and 7-1 Shaquille O’Neal for further scale:

Frankly, we doubt that The Rock is actually 6-5. It’s long been rumored that Barkley falls an inch or two short of his listed height, and he towers over Johnson in the picture above. But that doesn’t make Ming Ming’s size any less impressive. Forget the height – look at the width of his shoulders!

It’s a shame Johnson didn’t provide any photographic evidence of their miniature golf game. Scale hilarity surely doesn’t get much better than a man nearly eight-feet tall playing a game meant for children.

(H/T BroBible)

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