This Block By Kentucky Is The Story Of The Wildcats’ Season In One Vine

In case you are just living that Rip Van Winkle life or were stuck in a bunker with no WiFi, I am compelled to let you know that Kentucky is good at basketball. The Wildcats just finished dismantling Auburn, 91-67, to move on to the SEC Championship and improved their record to 33-0 on the year.

Dan Gavitt, the vice president of the NCAA men’s basketball championships, went on CBS on Saturday and said Kentucky is probably the No. 1 overall seed in the tournament. I know this might seem shocking.

“The committee still feels very strongly that the first two lines involves eight teams, at least, that are very deserving of consideration on both lines,” Gavitt said. “I will say though that the committee is very committed I think at this point after today’s result of Kentucky beating Auburn that regardless of tomorrow’s outcome of the SEC championship game, Kentucky will be the No. 1 overall seed in the field.”

This block is probably all you need to explain just how dominating Kentucky has been all season long. Auburn’s KT Harrell was actually asked if it seems like the Wildcats are playing with more than five guys on the floor. His answer to that question was predictably great.

Kentucky has certainly looked unbeatable at times, and maybe it is. We could need robots, after all.