The Trail Blazers Are The Latest Team To Take A Shot At The Lakers On Twitter

07.20.17 7 months ago 2 Comments

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It’s been a rough stretch for the Lakers the past few years, as the end of the Kobe Bryant era brought with it a run of losing not seen in the Staples Center since the late 1950s. The Lakers will likely be down for at least one more year, as their rebuild continues in 2017-18 with a young core led by Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram.

With a ton of cap space coming their way next summer, the Lakers could make a significant jump in the 2018 offseason and return to playoff form, should they land Paul George or another star. For now, though, the Lakers — a franchise ripe with history and a fanbase that is accustomed to winning — make for an easy target when it comes to jokes.

The Kings decided to poke fun at Lakers fans at Summer League recently by producing a video asking fans about fake rookies like Ned Stark. On Wednesday night, the Blazers Twitter account took a Lakers’ fan reply in their mentions as a chance to poke fun at the recent struggles in L.A. with a clever jab.

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