Rasheed Wallace’s #SoGoneChallenge Video Is A Reminder Of His Underappreciated Rapping Talents

Over the past few weeks, basically everyone has been posting their entries to Chance the Rapper’s #SoGoneChallenge — essentially, make an Instagram video of yourself rapping over the instrumental to Monica’s 2003 hit “So Gone.” The entrants have included several NBA players. To the surprise of no one, Damian Lillard’s was good, because he actually raps as a full-time side hustle. Dwyane Wade’s freestyle was … less good.

But none of the entries from professional basketball players can touch the OG, Rasheed Wallace, who gave it a shot recently (warning: mild NSFW language):

Sheed has never officially released any music, so he isn’t typically mentioned with the luminaries of NBA/hip-hop crossovers like Lillard, Shaquille O’Neal, Stephen Jackson or Iman Shumpert. But he has some talent, and has popped up on various freestyles and radio shows over the years (NSFW warning for all videos below).

Just for fun, here he is rapping Nas’ verse on Raekwon’s “Verbal Intercourse” before a game, from his Detroit Pistons days, with Rip Hamilton as his hype man:

To those who know that Sheed can rap, it’s no surprise at all that his #SoGoneChallenge was great. Maybe his participation in a popular social media craze will raise his profile on the mic, and hopefully at some point we’ll actually get an album.