RJ Hampton’s Family Had Some Hat Issues When He Was Drafted Amid Trade Confusion

The NBA Draft is a life-changing event in so many young men’s lives each year. Even though it’s being conducted virtually this time around, we still get to watch all of the emotional moments with the draftees and their family members as they hear their names called and find out where their NBA journey will begin.

But for some players, it’s not always so clear how things are going to pan out. Take R.J. Hampton, for instance. Hampton opted to forego college last season and in favor of playing professionally in New Zealand, and after struggling somewhat overseas saw his draft stock fall.

So when the Bucks selected him with the No. 24 pick, it was with the understanding that he would be heading to New Orleans, who would subsequently trade him to the Denver Nuggets. Confused yet? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. When ESPN cut to Hampton’s live feed, they still hadn’t figured out which hat to use, and in the commotion, the elder Hampton tossed one across the room.

It appeared to be the Bucks hat that went sailing, before they realized that was the one they actually needed for the purposes of the live spot. One of the more interesting developments for the virtual format was that each player was sent all 30 hats just to be sure that all their bases were covered, although in this case, the complex mechanisms of the draft and trade and trade again scenario were still too much to overcome in the moment.

The good news is, eventually, the trade calls all went through and Hampton was able to put on the appropriate Nuggets hat.