Robert Horry Welcomed Tom Brady To The ‘7 Chip Club’ On Monday

Tom Brady’s 10th Super Bowl appearance went about as well as he could’ve dreamed it, as he threw three first half touchdowns to lead the Bucs to a rather stress-free 31-9 win over the Chiefs on Sunday at home in Tampa. The win gave Brady his seventh championship as a starting quarterback, as he continues to pad his stats as the greatest of all time, combining individual stats with team success.

Doing so on a second team also helped shake off those who felt he only won in New England because of the organization and partnership with coach Bill Belichick. Winning his seventh title also moved him higher in the pantheon of athletes from all sports in terms of titles won, taking a one ring lead on Michael Jordan and joining rare air with seven.

On Monday, one of the few with seven titles decided to welcome Brady to the “7 Chip Club,” as Robert Horry, who won seven titles with the Lakers, Rockets, and Spurs in his career, posted quite the meme to celebrate Brady’s arrival.

It is objectively funny and I’m glad Horry has steered into being the championship guy, because it is an incredible feat to be on that many title teams, even if never in a starring role. That latter point is, of course, the difference in he and Brady but still, Tom can now rock seven rings on his left and right hand, [like] Robert Horry.

Brady hasn’t been shy about his desire to keep playing and maybe try to go to 50, which he’ll have to do if he wants a shot at Bill Russell territory.