Of Course Robin Lopez Attacked The Toronto Raptor During Tuesday Night’s Game

Some things just don’t mix together at all: water and oil, gas and fire, Robin Lopez and NBA mascots.

But it’s a brand-new season for Lopez. New team, new city, new role, so maybe he has a new attitude toward mascots? That’s what the Toronto Raptors’ mascot was hoping for when the Knicks played the Raptors, only to have RoLo quickly smash his hopes, and his homemade sign, right in his face.

The Raptor is not a first-time victim of RoLo’s war on mascots, as Lopez ruthlessly shoved him to the ground last season. No mascot is safe from the wrath of RoLo. In fact, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if, given the choice, RoLo would rather eradicate all mascots than win a championship, such is his disdain for the furry creatures.

New York City has a way of changing people, swallowing up individuality and blurring out eccentricities. (Ed. Note: We live in New York City and not everyone agrees with this sentiment, but we’re letting Jordan say his peace anyway.) Would RoLo, so beloved in Portland for his quirky nature, fall victim to the city’s unrelenting ways as well? As it turns out, some people are too weird even for New York City. The Raptor already found that out, and more mascots will undoubtedly learn the same lesson as the season progresses.