Russell Westbrook Mocked Lance Stephenson’s Air Guitar Celebration After A Paul George And-1

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The Oklahoma City Thunder have been on a tear. At 23-13 for the season, they’re currently third in the West and sit just a game and a half out of the top spot, currently occupied by the Denver Nuggets.

Paul George has been leading the way with his stellar all-around play, which has catapulted him into the MVP conversation in some circles. On Wednesday night, they were set to face the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center, which somewhat surprisingly also marked the first showdown between Russell Westbrook and Lonzo Ball.

But it was George who was putting on a show in the first half, specifically on this play late in the second quarter against Lance Stephenson when he danced on his former teammate, then proceeded to knock down the shot to give OKC a two-point advantage. The best part, however, was Westbrook, who broke out Lance’s signature air guitar move in beautifully mocking fashion.

Westbrook even hit him with a wink and blew a kiss at him.

And it didn’t end there. On the next possession, Lance tried to get revenge on George at the top of the key with time winding down in the half. The only problem was that George put the clamps on Stephenson to force a missed shot as time expired, then added insult to injury by doing his guitar move again.