Russell Westbrook Paid Tribute To Craig Sager With A Patterned Pair Of Air Jordans

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Russell Westbrook is no stranger to showing off some interesting fashion. He famously donates his outfits to help those in need, only wearing his pregame looks once before he moves on. But on Friday night, Westbrook paid special tribute to Craig Sager with his outfit and gave special attention to his look.

The basketball world is still finding ways to pay tribute to Sager, who passed away in 2016 after a lengthy battle with cancer. Sager’s style on the sideline was just as noteworthy as his in-game interviews, and many different players have offered both digital and physical tributes to his legacy in the years since his passing.

But perhaps none have looked as stunning as Russell Westbrook’s shoe game, which he dedicated to the late broadcaster on Saturday on Twitter. Westbrook posted photos of his pregame outfit before the Thunder took on the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night and called out his influence on his style.

“Sager inspired!” Westbrook tweeted. “RIP to a legend.”

The look is a mishmash of styles and textures, but it all seems to work together here really well as a colorway. Sager’s suit patterns were too many to count, but there are definitely some direct homages to Sager looks on the shoe’s patchwork design. And while Sager was often gently made fun of for his looks, this actually works here. Russ pairing it with a relatively normal suit certainly helps, and also makes them stand out here.

That’s a look that doesn’t include a dress shirt, of course. Russ remains Russ. But at least the sport coat is one color, so by comparison the shoes truly do pop. Sager would certainly appreciate someone as stylish is Westbrook paying tribute to him, even if he did steal a bit of his signature look to do it.