This Young Kings Fan Shows Us All How To Let Loose And Get Down On The Dance Cam

To be caught on the dance cam at NBA games is to be caught facing your greatest fear: There you are, in the spotlight, on the big screen with everyone in the arena fixated on what you’re gonna do. This is the boogeyman under the bed, the monster in your closet, and you are left with just two options. You can cower, go to your seat and stay there, hoping and praying for the camera to move on. Or, you can attack it, embracing the angst and letting loose all inhibitions. Bust out the sprinkler, break into the Carlton, let your tooshie do the talking. Dance that monster all the way back from whence it came.

This is the true lesson of the dance cam. Despite evidence to the contrary, it’s not there to humiliate us, it is there to help us conquer what we once thought we could not… by dancing. Thank you, dancing kid from the Kings-Spurs preseason game Thursday night. Thank you for showing us that our fears are only real if we allow them to be. I am, however, sorry for the loss of your friendship with the kid who chose to sit down. Because if your friends don’t dance, well, you might wanna reevaluate that friendship.