Did Spurs TV Analyst Sean Elliott Purposefully Draw An Obscene Image With The Telestrator?

This is…something. We don’t know what to make of it. If we had our druthers, we’d probably ignore it, but it still tickles the same funny bone that was a lot more sensitive when we were in middle school and talk of genitalia would send us into paroxysms of laughter. Because that’s sixth and seventh grade in a nutshell — laughing too hard at comments about the human anatomy. It’s basically the Michael Scott level of humor.

Which brings us to Saturday night’s Spurs-Hornets telecast. The Hornets were hanging tough in the first half, but four Manu Ginobili triples in third quarter led to a 42-29 turning point in the third, and San Antonio went on to a 114-94 win.

But during the telecast, analyst Sean Elliott was experiencing technical difficulties with his microphone. It was periodically cutting out. Even though we were watching at home, we didn’t notice his absence, though. (To be fair, we usually listen to classical music when we watch the Spurs because Wagner leitmotifs mirror flare screens and pin-downs incredibly well.) Reddit username TimDuncanTheAlmighty — terrific Spurs username, by the by — suggested on reddit that Elliott’s microphone issues might’ve been the motive behind what he drew when he was working the telestrator for a high Boris Diaw screen for Manu.


Anybody who doodled in their notebook during seventh grade, knows exactly what they’re looking at.

We doubt, however, Elliott did it on purpose. The self-proclaimed “car and wine geek” was formerly a two-time All-Star and NBA champion with the Silver and Black. He’s also an adult who wouldn’t purposefully diagram a play with the telestrator like that just because his mic cut out a few times.

You can go check out the reddit thread for some more like-minded jokes on the topic, but we’re gonna go do something mature so we don’t forget how old we are.