Serge Ibaka Cooked Cow Tongue For Bismack Biyombo In His New YouTube Cooking Show

Via Serge Ibaka

Everyone who has ever spent an entire Tuesday watching a Chopped marathon has wondered what it would be like to host their own cooking show. Some, like the Binging With Babish guy, make it a reality, while others just go to their local grocery store and try to figure out if they can make a dish out of some chicken and Cool Ranch Doritos or something.

It turns out that Toronto Raptors big man Serge Ibaka falls into the “make his cooking show dream a reality” camp. Ibaka posted a video to his YouTube channel that appears to be the first in a series titled “How hungry are you?” If the rest of the show ends up being anything like the debut episode, this is going to be really, really good.

Ibaka had Charlotte Hornets center and fellow native of the Republic of Congo Bismack Biyombo over for a home-cooked meal. The meal was cow tongue, and Biyombo had a wonderful reaction to finding out what he was going to eat for dinner.

Beyond the fact that Biyombo made this video hilarious, it’s actually really cool that Ibaka is doing something like this. Showing off his cooking skills to fellow NBA players is a pretty interesting concept for a show on YouTube, and hopefully this keeps growing, because the pilot episode was tremendous. If not, oh well, at least we got to watch a completely gobsmacked Bismack Biyombo have to come to grips with eating cow tongue.

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