Shaq, While In Tears Eating Hot Wings, Reveals His Best Prank On Charles Barkley

YouTube/First We Feast

“Hot Ones,” Complex‘s wonderful show in which celebrities attempt to answer questions while eating increasingly spicier wings, has overwhelmed multiple guests. But the affect said wings had on Shaquille O’Neal might be one of the most hilarious so far.

Shaq, an enormous human who resembles an impenetrable fortress, was brought to tears by the endeavor, and not like, in a way that’s hard to notice if you’re not looking for it. More in a “hey that man looks like he’s weeping is everything ok you think?” type of way. Even better? The story Shaq told about pranking his fellow analyst on TNT’s Inside The NBA.

Shaq, with a gallon jug of milk sitting in front of him to help ease the mouth pain he’s experiencing, relayed an incredible story of the time he lined Charles Barkley’s pants with Vaseline and lotion because his fellow analyst prefers going commando.

“Charles doesn’t like to wear underwear,” Shaq said. “So one time we put some extra lotion and Vaseline inside his slacks. When he pulled them up, it felt wet down there.”

Imagining Barkley sliding on his pants only to feel a foreign substance against his skin is an amazing thing to think about, but was his reaction as hilarious as Shaq weeping from ingesting a handful of hot wings? It’s gotta be a close call. You can check out the full episode of “Hot Ones” with the Hall of Fame big man below.