The ‘Inside The NBA’ Crew Clowned Shaq For Showing Up Late To Their First Restart Show

NBA basketball finally returns to meaningful action on Thursday night with a doubleheader of Jazz-Pelicans and Lakers-Clippers from the Disney Bubble on TNT, and to celebrate the league’s return, Inside The NBA held a 90-minute pregame special.

However, when they came on the air at 5 p.m. ET, one very large individual was conspicuously missing, as Ernie, Chuck, and Kenny couldn’t help but laugh at Shaq somehow being absent on the first show back for the league’s restart.

They pressed on without him, discussing the restart and how the condensed schedule for the seeding round only heightens the importance of each game, but while Barkley was talking, O’Neal finally arrived — having been unable to go to wardrobe and change — and hilarity ensued.

The crew had a lot of fun with Shaq’s striped polo shirt and plaid jacket combo, with Kenny joking he looks like a sailor who forgot he had to go to dinner at a fancy restaurant. Shaq explained that Atlanta traffic and an accident on the highway was to blame, offering his hope that those involved were OK.

The show pressed on and as a former Atlanta resident, I can fully believe him when he said he had a 90-plus minute in-town commute due to traffic. Still, for this to happen on the first show back after four months is very funny and if nothing else, the chemistry on the Inside set is in midseason form.