It’s Perfectly Natural To See Shaq And Kendrick Lamar Shopping For Soap Together

Shaquille O’Neal remains one of the most visible personalities of all retired basketball players, like the Michael Strahan of the NBA. In addition to his spot on Inside the NBA, he’s one of the most dedicated pitchmen in entertainment. In his latest commercial series, he’s going soap shopping with none other than Kendrick Lamar for American Express.

To promote the company’s small business-encouraging Shop Small campaign, Kendrick and Shaq stop at Soaptopia, a real store (do you ever wonder if all the businesses in commercials are real? I do) in Los Angeles, where the two stars each have their own personalized line of soap bars — at least in this universe. The two other spots in the series involve Kendrick hitting Shaq in the face with a bar of soap, and Shaq dancing like a fool. He does that a lot, though.