Shaquille O’Neal Disses Dwight Howard In A New Freestyle Rap

Did any of you watch “Open Court” last night? It was funny, more because Shaq is turning into the show’s court jester. He talked as if he was a god among men on the basketball court, and spent a good portion of the show arguing that his Dream Team II was the only team that could’ve beaten the original Dream Team. It would make for a cool argument… if Shaq argued something other than “DAVID ROBINSON AND PATRICK EWING? THAT’S BARBECUE CHICKEN RIGHT THERE! BARBECUE CHICKEN!” Basically, I’m Shaq. I could’ve beat the Dream Team on my own.

O’Neal doesn’t want anyone to forget about him, and that’s most apparent in his dealings with the new best center in the league, Dwight Howard. They’ve gone back and forth throughout the offseason, and it’s intensitfying as the regular season approaches. But Shaq’s always been like that. In the photo here, we shot O’Neal in a Godfather theme – he wanted to play off the whole “I’m the last of my kind. I’m the big boss” idea.

Recently, O’Neal got into a freestyle with Loaded Lux and Cory Gunz, and went off on Howard, telling everyone to never compare them. He also said we should all ask LeBron who the real Superman is, and that Dwight Howard should kiss his rings.

O’Neal has always been one of the game’s greatest trash talkers, and whenever he gets on the mic, you have to at least admire his creativity.

Should Shaq be quiet or keep going at Dwight?

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