Watch Kenny Smith Show Shaq No Mercy In ‘Mortal Kombat X’

05.27.15 3 years ago

Shaq started off this match of Mortal Kombat X against Kenny Smith feeling overconfident, as Shaq sometimes does. The words “slice him up like some cheese” were O’Neal’s first bit of trash talk using the Jason Voorhees character. To which Kenny added the classic “Something’s wrong with my controller.”

Right buddy, ’cause we’ve all been there before.

But then, their fates got switched and Kenny’s Ferra/Torr character got downright gruesome, ripping Shaq’s Jason clean in half. The next round featured a gory stabbing murder, also perpetrated by Kenny’s avatar. Basically, the veteran broadcaster and two-time champion for the Rockets stuck in there and didn’t let Shaq’s bluster thwart him from using his infinitely smaller hands to finesse his controller.

And then he actually beat Shaq down for good measure. Well, as much as any person can beat down Shaq real life.



(Mortal Kombat Community)

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