Slam Dunk Death Match: Blake Griffin Vs. JaVale McGee

Oh poor Jose Calderon. Should we give him credit for sticking in there? At best, he should’ve taken another step outside of the restricted area so he could take a charge. That way JaVale McGee would’ve contributed another clip to his top 5 dunk fails because he no doubt would’ve tried to jump over the Spanish point guard from Montreal. Yet Calderon hesitated and woke up this morning smelling “McGee” on his shirt.

Channing Frye gets some major bonus points from me for perfecting the Jason Williams “brush my shoulder off and move slightly out of the way” defensive move. Impeccable timing as he’s able to avoid being the next Timofey Mozgov and Kendrick Perkins while also avoiding anyone questioning his defense.

Which dunk was better?

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