MarShon Brooks Is A Wanted Man; Coach Calipari Can’t Win This Tournament

07.09.12 7 years ago
We never thought we’d hear MarShon Brooks and Dwight Howard linked to each other this much. You’d think they were either bitter enemies or recruiting each other through free agency to hear about them in the same sentence as much as they have been this offeseason, but anytime a deal to send Howard away from Orlando, Brooks is a sticking point in the asking price. The newest rumors ESPN is reporting is that Cleveland has been coerced into getting in on a three-team deal that would send Howard to Brooklyn, Kris Humphries to Cleveland plus a few more parts. Cleveland has been wooed by Brooklyn to complete this deal as much as any free agent, but no takers so far. Brooks was wanted by Atlanta in the Joe Johnson deal and was said to the be linchpin. Then, all of a sudden, the Nets were able to swing it and keep him all the while. Back to why this deal hasn’t gotten off the ground. According to the Worldwide Leader, teams just don’t want another superteam in the league, and REALLY don’t want to be the team who trade helps bear a squad that the Nets envision. Imagine that. … Another kink in the plan is that the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum won’t commit to signing with Orlando once he becomes a free agent in 2013 if he were to be traded there for Howard. After the Magic’s luck with big men, there is no way they’re going to the altar for a big man without a prenup in place. … There was a chance for Ryan Anderson to go back to his Sacramento home, but instead he’ll get to tutor Anthony Davis a thing or two about outside shooting in New Orleans. The Magic’s Rashard Lewis 2.0 is being dealt to New Orleans for Gustavo Ayon. …

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