This Sports Report On Some ‘Space Jam 2’ News Got Very Awkward Very Quickly

05.23.16 3 years ago

It’s been only a few weeks since news of Space Jam 2 with LeBron James picked up, and already the sequel is tearing this country apart.

A San Francisco TV news station had what was likely the world’s most awkward and uncomfortable report on the upcoming film, and it went from zero to somewhere around 100 awfully quickly. KRON 4 sports anchor Gary Radnich was apparently ready to do a hit on the Space Jam news but became seriously peeved when that topic was covered by news anchor Catherine Heenan.

So instead of providing additional information about the film or finding something else to cover, Radnich spent a large chunk of time scolding Heenan and advising her to “stay in [her] lane” because he is a professional, dammit. After all, only the most seasoned and knowledgable sports minds should be allowed to touch the all-important news of more Looney Tunes basketball.

And as a cherry on top, Radnich had the perfect response to clearly getting mad over something so trivial: Saying he wasn’t actually mad at all and instead was just “playing.”

If it indeed was a joke, he was certainly committed to making sure it was incredibly awkward for everyone involved.

(Via Awful Announcing)

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