Steph Curry Taught Elmo And Grover How To Shoot Hoops On ‘Sesame Street’

Always advocates for healthy food and cooking and eating together as a family, Ayesha Curry brought her husband and two-time NBA MVP Steph Curry on for an episode of Sesame Street this week to compete with Cookie Monster, Grover, and Elmo and teach kids how to put together nutritious meals in the morning.

Ayesha and Elmo cooked a “healthy and delicious pancake breakfast” with berries on top, while Cookie Monster gulped down the berries before Steph could even take a whack at cooking, as if he was playing with Jordan Crawford all over again.

Steph also taught the crew how playing basketball is a great form of exercise — as he is wont to do, he got the chance to show off his range by knocking down a jumper — and the couple educated the gang on how eating and playing outdoors can help students in the classroom as well. Clearly they aren’t taking the advice yet (and obviously a cookies-only diet is tough), as Grover was unable to guess the word “cook” despite a frankly unreasonable level of hinting from Ayesha, as well as cooking being the entire theme of the episode.

Together, the Currys are advocates for healthy lifestyles for children through their non-profit, Eat.Learn.Play.