This Baby Warriors Fan Has Perfected Steph Curry’s Signature Celebration


We are truly blessed to live in a golden age of awesome sports babies. There is Torrey Smith’s son, whose incredible dance moves never fail to make us smile. There’s Derrick Rose’s young, swagged out son. And then there’s Riley Curry, Steph’s adorable daughter who has earned so much love from the public that it’s getting borderline creepy.

Speaking of Steph Curry, the coolest new sports baby on the block is a little Warriors fan with a big appreciation for the reigning MVP. This little guy, who looks like he’s not old enough to know that pooping your pants isn’t generally acceptable, has already mastered the art of Curry’s signature chest pound and sky point. However, he still hasn’t completely mastered the art of staying on his feet while he does it. Still cute, though.

I’d say it’s only a matter of time before Steph grants this kid a visit — possibly with Riley in tow — and the Internet just explodes from pure joy.