Steph Curry Threw Up A Shot That Made No Sense But It Went In Anyway

Associate Editor
11.10.16 2 Comments

Come on, Steph Curry. This should not be possible. During Golden State’s game against Denver on Thursday night, Curry showed off his two most unique skills: his ability to do completely ridiculous stuff off the dribble, and his ability to throw a basketball in the direction of a hoop and somehow have it go in.

Curry was matched up against rookie guard Jamal Murray. The two-time MVP was just kind of dribbling around aimlessly before he decided to make a move to get past Murray. There was a problem, though, because when Curry went between his legs, the ball hit off of his heel and took him way behind the three point line.

So Curry did what anyone would do – he dribbled a few times, threw the ball up because the shot clock was winding down, and against all logic, it went through the hoop. There are only so many ways to write “Steph Curry is capable of doing the impossible on the basketball court” before we all become kind of numb to it, but for real, Steph Curry is capable of doing the impossible on the basketball court. Apologies to Jamal Murray for being the latest victim of this.

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