Steph Curry Explained The Significance Of His Son Canon’s Name

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Steph and Ayesha Curry’s family is one of the most famous in the NBA, and maybe also on Instagram. Riley Curry was made a star at a young age at the NBA Finals in 2015, and the family has been thrust into the spotlight by both parents’ careers.

That includes any news about their third child, a son. NBC Sports’ Kerith Burke wrote that Curry and the family were thinking about following family tradition when it came to naming their son but decided against it. A third Wardell Stephen Curry — or Trey — was certainly a possibility, but what it came down to is that Trey wasn’t all that special in the Curry extended family.

“We thought about that,” Steph said, “but Ayesha has four or five people in her family who are named Trey. I wanted to have something special.”

Instead, the Currys named their son Canon Wardell Jack Curry. Canon, Curry said, “just stuck.” But it also continued to grow in meaning for the Currys as they looked into the origin of the name.

Steph and Ayesha did some research behind the name. Steph discovered Canon means “officiant of the church” and “young wolf.”

“I like the ingredients of that,” Steph said. “A lot of research. It’s not a dramatic story, but we like the name and the meanings behind it.”

It’s nice that the family names are still in there, but you can’t blame them for eschewing tradition in favor of something more unique. After all, there’s a lot of pressure that will come with being the son of Steph Curry. Especially if he decides to pick up a basketball.

(Via NBC Sports)