Steph Curry Traveled On A Stepback And Gave A Shout Out To James Harden

01.06.19 3 months ago 2 Comments

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Steph Curry is pretty unstoppable once he has the ball in his hands. Give him an inch and he’ll pull up from anywhere on the court. This danger in his skillset has helped the Warriors become one of the deadliest offenses in the NBA. When Curry gets going it can put the Warriors on a run that will bury anybody.

There’s one other player in the NBA that seems unguardable in the same way as Curry and that’s James Harden. Unlike Curry though, Harden is more about the details in his moves. He draws fouls, uses subtle contact, and creates space in a different way. If Curry is finesse then Harden is power. Harden also has a step back move that, while deadly, many consider a travel.

Curry decided to bring that move in Saturday night’s 127-123 victory over the Kings but was called for a travel. Curry, obviously noticing the double standard, decided to give a shoutout to the Rockets star guard.

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