Watch Steph Curry Do The ‘Nae Nae’ That He Learned From His Daughter Riley

We’re in the middle of the NBA offseason, and with free agency and the summer league over, and the season still a ways away, there isn’t all that much going on in the basketball world.

Fortunately, NBA MVP Steph Curry is here to provide us with a little entertainment. Curry recently visited the Philippines as a part of his #UARoadshow tour for Under Armour to help promote the Under Armour Curry Two sneaker.

Curry gave the fans in Manila a little special treat as he busted out a brief version of the “Nae Nae” for the crowd that thankfully someone caught on film. Curry obviously said that he learned the dance from everyone’s favorite sports baby, Riley.

Curry seems like he’s certainly enjoying himself now that he’s become one of the faces of the NBA after his MVP season. Unfortunately, Curry’s version of the Nae Nae just doesn’t quite measure up to Andy Kennedy’s.

(Via Moki Magpantay)