Steph Curry Approved Of The Internet Turning His All-Star Photoshoot Into A Meme

Getty Image

It’s as if the Golden State Warriors want us to make fun of them. Maybe they enjoy being meme’d for all eternity. It’s the only explanation for this All-Star photoshoot the Internet spent most of Thursday savaging. Like we don’t make fun of the Warriors enough?

At least Steph Curry, who was at the center of the world’s largest sneaker roast, had a laugh with it.

It sucks when the person you’re roasting thinks of a better dig at himself than what you’ve come up with. This makes you think if Curry’s name wasn’t on those dad sneakers that got destroyed, he would’ve piled on there too.

Still, what was the point of this photo spread? What was the NBA and the photographer thinking? Does this scream “New Orleans” in a way most people aren’t understanding? Shouldn’t all the players arriving be handed, like, jazz instruments or one of those weird baby cake things you can’t go 15 minutes without seeing on Twitter? Why do this to the Warriors? Why make them look like a boy band?

If this photoshoot could be explained through sports, you could say it was the equivalent of blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.