Steph Curry Suffered A Sprained Ankle During Golden State’s Game Against New Orleans

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The Golden State Warriors‘ leader suffered an ankle injury on Monday night. Steph Curry hobbled off the floor towards the end of the Warriors’ game against the Pelicans while favoring his right ankle which he turned while trying to poke a pass out of the hands of Pelicans guard E’Twaun Moore.

The worst part of this is that it occurred with less than a minute remaining in a game that the Warriors led by seven. Curry was competing until the final buzzer, though, and it led to him suffering a bum wheel.

This is one of the nastier ankle rolls that you’ll see, as his ankle snaps quickly as Curry obviously goes down in pain. And if that didn’t get across how badly his ankle was bothering him, here’s the video of Curry trying to get off the floor.

Even worse, Curry had to leave the locker room on crutches, and he was not putting any weight on his right ankle.

Curry has a history of ankle injuries, but has managed to stay healthy despite missing 56 games with a right ankle injury that required surgery. If there is good news, though, it’s that x-rays did not show anything broken.

The Warriors are talented enough that they can afford to let Curry take his time and let this completely heal, but there’s no word on how long he would need to be sidelined in that instance.