Steph Curry Will Make His Return Against The Raptors On Thursday

Stephen Curry has missed 58 games this season with a broken left hand that required surgery, and while there was some optimism he would return on March 1 against the Wizards, that was not able to happen.

Curry was instead assigned to the Santa Cruz Warriors earlier this week to get some practice run in a competitive environment with the G League squad, and that apparently went well enough to assure the organization that he is indeed ready to play. On Wednesday, Anthony Slater of The Athletic reported Curry has been fully cleared and will make his debut against the Toronto Raptors in a Finals rematch from last year, albeit with two teams going in very different directions.

The news was later confirmed by the team.

Coming back to play against the Raptors is a far taller order than coming back to face the Wizards, as Toronto has one of the league’s best defenses while Washington, well, does not. Still, it’s great news for Golden State that Curry will be back on the court and while there were some that wondered if they should just sit him all year, like Klay Thompson, he clearly wants to play and with the lottery odds smoothing in effect, they are in very little danger of losing a share of the best odds to earn this year’s top pick.