Steph Curry Buries The Cavaliers With Big Back-To-Back Layups In The Final 80 Seconds

12.25.15 2 years ago 4 Comments

Baby, it’s cold outside, but inside Oracle Arena, Stephen Curry finally warmed things up at the end of the Cavs – Warriors game on Christmas Day.

Draymond Green (22 points, 15 rebounds, seven dimes and two blocks) may have been the high scorer in the Golden State Warriors’ 89-83 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, but in the waning moments of the game, it was Curry who brought the Dubs home. The reigning MVP sealed the deal inside of 80 seconds left in the fourth quarter when he scored on layups in back-to-back possessions against a Cavaliers defense that seemed to part like the Red Sea every time he headed for the cup.

First he found himself switched onto LeBron James, which is daunting for any player, no matter how good they are. Yet Curry handled him with relative ease, freezing him for just a fraction of a second with the simple threat of pulling up before gliding to the rim for an uncontested layup. Literally the next trip down, after a J.R. Smith three-pointer cut the Warriors lead to three, Curry was back up to his old tricks, this time on Matthew Dellavedova.

Caught on an island against one of the best one-on-one players in the league, poor Dellavedova couldn’t really do much besides watch Curry move from side to side and then past him for the soaring lefty finish. Even though these points didn’t come right at the end of the game, they were effectively the final two nails in the Cavs’ coffin.

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