Stephen Curry’s Daughter Was All Sorts Of Adorable While Singing Him Happy Birthday

Associate Editor

By now, Riley Curry’s vice grip on the title of the world’s most adorable sports baby is practically unbreakable. Every time her name comes up it’s because she did something precious. For example, during a recent Warriors game, the arena dance cam caught her doing this cute little dance. It ruled, just like everything Riley Curry does rules. Everything that happens seems to be just a little bit more wonderful when it involves young Riley, even when she doesn’t show up and Stephen Curry has to handle all of her affairs.

The latest installment of “Cute Things With Riley Curry” happened on Monday, when she sang happy birthday to her old man. Steph turned 28 years old today, and as people are wont to do when one of their loved ones celebrate a birthday, Riley decided to sing a personal rendition of Happy Birthday to her dad.

I don’t know if this is super adorable because she couldn’t remember all the words and had to do a truncated version of the song, or if it’s because she couldn’t quite get the key right, but it’s still wonderful and will probably bring a smile to your face – and everyone else’s, of course.

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