Steph Curry Isn’t Quite Ready To Let This Charming Toddler Be Riley’s Valentine

01.28.16 3 years ago

Riley Curry became America’s sweetheart during last year’s NBA playoffs, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, she already seems poised to break a few hearts. Well, at least if her dad has anything to say about it.

A toddler named Lucas went to Oracle Arena on Wednesday evening for the Golden State Warriors’ game against the Dallas Mavericks in search of love (no better place to meet a love than ROARacle). Before the game, he’d made an adorable sign asking Riley to be his valentine, but ended up never getting the opportunity to drop the big question. Instead, he met papa, who tempered the toddler’s expectations.

It may have been the first time someone was disappointed to meet Steph Curry.

Lucas may have been a tad too early in his quest, but he didn’t want to miss out on young love. Riley is a social butterfly, has incredible dance moves, and always lets her opinion be known. Steph has really improved as a defender in his career, but his hardest task will probably be swatting away Riley’s suitors for the next couple decades.

Riley is an influential superstar in the toddler community; she has an image to maintain. Lucas undoubtedly wasn’t the only toddler at Oracle Arena looking for love.

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