Steph Curry Had The Ball Knocked From His Hands But Made This Deep Three-Pointer Anyway

Andre Miller did absolutely all he could on this play. The 39-year-old pressured Steph Curry to half court, forced him to take a long, covered triple, and even knocked the ball from his hands on the way up.

But the reigning MVP is playing a different game than everyone else on the planet right now. Most players have enough trouble hoisting 27-footers with their normal shooting motion. But Curry? He not only launches extra-long treys with his trademark stroke, but is capable of making them when he loses grip on the ball, too.


Speaking of injustice, that would be an accurate word to describe the absence of Ricky Rubio in a game featuring the world’s best playmaker. Curry has feasted on the Minnesota Timberwolves all night. He had 21 points in an unbelievable first quarter, and got hot again after halftime as the Golden State Warriors extended their lead to 19 points.

But the Timberwolves’ bench got them back into the game just before the final stanza, and Golden State’s lead is currently single-digits. Don’t get too excited, though, Minnesota fans: Luke Walton just put Curry, who has 38 points on just 20 shots, back into the game.