Steph Curry Talks Getting ID’ed For The Club & R-Rated Movies

ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard had an interesting Q & A with Warriors guard Stephen Curry yesterday. He asked a series of fill-in-the-blank questions ranging from Curry’s famous father (Dell Curry) to his time at Davidson after being overlooked by the major NCAA schools. It was Curry’s admission he gets ID’ed “like 95 percent of the time,” before entering the club, though, that struck our interest.

Curry has a baby face. It’s OK. I have a personal connection to this conundrum despite being almost half a decade older than Steph. I too have a baby face. I only need to shave once or twice a week, and I get ID’ed for cigarettes — though I haven’t been ID’ed to see a movie in a couple years. Still, it’s funny I might resemble someone almost half my age.

Steph deals with the same issue. Around the 6:30 minute mark of the below clip, Steph tells Le Batard what it’s like to suffer from a baby face.

“Sometimes we all go out, and I got a 15-month-old baby now; I got a wife. So, I got a family of my own now. Sometimes when I got out over the summer and want a drink or something, you gotta have that ID on hand. It’s funny for my family more so because they get a kick out of it.”

Curry goes on to admit he’s actually been asked to show an ID while trying to see an R-rated movie within the last 6 months! Le Batard giggles with delight when he hears this. It’s a fun interview with one of the NBA’s most down-to-earth stars, but don’t think because he’s Stephen Curry he gets any kind of special treatment. He’s getting ID’ed for R-rated movies still!!!!

What do you think?

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