Former NBA Star Steve Francis Was Arrested On Suspicion Of DWI

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Since a rash of injuries forced him into premature retirement, former Rockets point guard Steve Francis hasn’t had the smoothest transition into civilian life. He’s been known to imbibe from time to time, a habit that helped find him at the center of several high-profile incidents in various nightclubs, one of which involved him violently getting his chain snatched from around his neck, another of which included him pestering Stephen Jackson into accosting him (not a smart thing to do) and a subsequent arrest.

Now, Francis appears to have been arrested again over the weekend, this time on suspicion of DWI.

Here’s more from KHOU.com:

Francis was stopped by a Precinct 5 deputy around 11:20 p.m. for speeding. He was reportedly traveling 88 mph in a 65 mph zone.

The deputy smelled alcohol and reported that Francis was belligerent. Three additional deputies were called to the scene and tried to get Francis to park his vehicle in a parking lot but he was uncooperative.

There was no physical confrontation but deputies said Francis did refuse a field sobriety test. He was arrested and was taken downtown without incident.

He is being charged with DWI, possession of marijuana and retaliation. There is no word on why Francis is being charged with retaliation.

During his playing days, the three-time All-Star was one of the league’s most explosive point guards, a prototype for current players like Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and pre-injury Derrick Rose. Francis last played in the NBA with the Houston Rockets in 2008.