Steve Kerr Has No Prediction For DeMarcus Cousins’ Return But Says He’s ‘Right On Schedule’

08.31.18 12 months ago

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While everyone was busy trying to process LeBron James’ big move to the Lakers this summer, the Golden State Warriors were quietly staging an offseason coup of their own. Given the devastating Achilles injury he suffered last season, DeMarcus Cousins apparently discovered this summer that his market value had plummeted.

Once the Warriors caught wind of this development, they didn’t hesitate to swoop in and snatch him up for next to nothing. Even if they only have his services for the coming season and he decides to hit the market again next summer when his current one-year deal expires, it was a low-risk/high-reward scenario for both sides.

The drawback, of course, is that the injury will require a lengthy rehabilitation process that could extend well into the season, although just how far into the season remains to be seen. Head coach Steve Kerr, though reluctant to set a specific time table for his return, is optimistic about the progress Cousins is making in his recovery.

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