Steve Nash And Dwyane Wade Publicly Supported Jemele Hill After She Called Donald Trump A Bigot

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Many in the sports world have spoken up to support ESPN host Jemele Hill after she called president Donald Trump a bigot and white supremacist earlier in the week, especially after ESPN issued an apology for Hill’s statements.

Colin Kaepernick publicly backed Hill on Tuesday night, tweeting his support and saying “we are with you.” That set off a number of reporters, fans and even athletes to follow suit, including a few notable names in the basketball world.

ESPN has been accused of being a liberal media outlet by some more conservative critics and websites, and so the network felt pressured to apologize for HIll’s words on Twitter. But they clearly struck a chord with many of the athletes she covers. Dwyane Wade was one of the biggest

Former players showed their support as well. Reggie Miller, a colleague who broadcasts for TNT, also gave his support on Twitter.

That tweet was retweeted by Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade, who said “Sign me up!” in reaction to Miller’s support.

Steve Nash was one of the first to say he supported Hill on Tuesday night, taking a shot at ESPN for another minor controversy.

“Maybe ESPN got their feelings for Trump and Melo backwards?” Nash asked, referencing the fact that a list of the NBA’s best players dropped Carmelo Anthony more than 30 spots from last season. That sparked its own reaction in the NBA world, but by Tuesday night Hill was the far bigger story.