Steven Adams Drinks A Guinness After Every Offseason Weightlifting Session

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Steven Adams looks like a man who can drink. The Oklahoma City Thunder big man is, in a word, enormous, and enormous men usually have the propensity to drink more than the average human. Adams, whose Thunder squad will face off against the Portland Trail Blazers in their first round playoff matchup on Sunday, doesn’t actually touch a drop of alcohol when he’s in-season, a tradition he’s carried with him since he arrived in the NBA. But during the offseason, all bets are off.

In an interview with The Athletic, Adams says he’s more of a wine guy because he “bloats up” when he drinks beer, though he makes an exception for Guinness. In fact, he loves Guinness so much that he can’t finish a workout during the offseason without gulping down a glass immediately afterwards.

From the interview:

I usually have a pint of Guinness after every workout, to be honest, just because I have this weird thing. After every weightlifting session; Guinness is actually very high in iron, so I literally go to the same pub on the corner back in Wellington after I workout with a sweaty ass, and I go in there. The lady knows me. She has it ready at like 12 o’clock, always. So I show up there, and then just like, ‘Get a pint, bang, smash it in like two seconds and then go have lunch. Just one. Go have lunch, then go to practice.

Adams also says that when he’s really feeling like getting after it with some of his boys, he can down eight pints in one sitting. Count us out of any drinking competition with Adams and his friends.